Complaint Policy

Cam Media Complaint Policy & Procedures


Reporting Inappropriate Content

Any visitor, guest or member, can report any inappropriate content by going to Inappropriate content shall mean any user generated content which violates common decency laws, copyright laws, or depict anyone who looks to be underage.


Resolving Abuse Complaints

All inappropriate content complaints must be reviewed by a staff member within 1 hour of receipt. If the subject content appears to contain anyone underage or any other commonly unlawful content, the content must be removed immediately regardless of any other factor. If the complaint is about copyrighted content, a reasonable investigation must be conducted within 24 hours of the receipt of the complaint.


Appealing Abuse Complaint Decisions

A user can appeal a previous abuse complaint resolution decision by going to and selecting the Appeal Abuse Complaint Resolution option. If the staff member deems the appeal request to be valid, he or she must forward it to management for review. If it is determined by management beyond a reasonable doubt that the abuse complaint was invalid or fraudulent, the content may be reinstated or allowed. In cases of underage users, it must be ascertained that the person in the content is the same person as in the original approval documents such as ID and picture holding the ID.