Chargeback/Fraud Policy

Cam Media Chargeback & Fraud Mitigation Policy

Require proof of ID for the following criteria in all transactions with no ID on file:

  1. Connecting IP address is from a different country than what the user claims.

  2. First name is a known female name.

  3. The purchase exceeds $54.

  4. There is a previous fraud cookie present.

  5. The user has had at least 3 previous declines.

  6. Email address used is from a known disposable email service.

  7. IP address is a known problem host or belongs to a VPN.


Refund Policy In Cases Of Suspected Fraud

If there is a chargeback and a subsequent investigation determines the charge to be fraud, and there are other charges discovered from the same user, all charges within 3 months must be refunded.